Paul Vigay Appreciation Society Paul Vigay news and views Geminus Acceleration would be great. Dual head support two, but it'll be a short term feature, as RISC OS will provide it one day. Geminus From my perspective a lot of the features which Geminus supports should actually be features of the base OS. So I guess what I'd most like to see would be for those features to make their way into the OS! How likely is it that... It's the feedback one that annoys me. How likely is it that... ...your constant neediness is annoying and apt to lose you custom? Geminus Anything anyone would like to see from it? To recap Geminus is a software layer that accelerates the desktop and extends it across multiple displays, offering portrait modes and - where necessary - R/B swapping for PC-directed hardware that does not offer efficient component swapping. It was built for the IYONIX pc; that was many years ago. NetSurf or Iconbar? Maybe I have been asleep, but suddenly I have noticed that the Iconbar website, with the Apple style blue.grey theme, looks absolutely gorgeous in NetSurf (3.8 #4343). Is this an improvement in NetSurf's rendering of CSS or the Iconbar site? GDPR and RISC OS Just received my opt-in email from CJE Micros. Power Switching a RaspberryPi Having done some testing, I was quite pleased to see that the current drain on the 3.7V Lithium Ion battery whilst the unit is turned off is less than 25uA (from my circuitry) plus 20uA for the unenabled power boost board itself. Also that the battery life with a 4400mAh battery is over 17 hours and the remaining life can be inferred from the battery voltage which drops from 4.17V to 3. RPCEmu 0.9.0 Brilliant news. Wil other eve a Mac update? RPCEmu 0.9.0 A new version of RPCEmu is available, 0.9.0