Paul Vigay Appreciation Society Paul Vigay news and views Paul Vigay death a mystery, a coroner has ruled RISC OS advocate Paul Vigay, whose body was found off the coast of Portsmouth last year, left behind a list of his passwords and a note to his girlfriend saying "I love you", an inquest has heard. Paul Vigay found dead off Southsea seafront Newsgroup postings and the Portsmouth local newspaper are reporting that Paul Vigay was this morning found dead near his home in Southsea after being reported missing last night. His death is not being treated as suspicious. An online book of condolence has been opened for Paul. An arbitrary number of possibly influential RISC OS things In this article we look at some of the programs and projects - some obvious, others less so - that influenced the history of the RISC OS platform and its users. These are our suggestions, not a top ten and certainly not in any particular order. What other applications would you add to the list? FFS. Another stupid argument, there. (via Drobe) RISC OS - the week in comments; episode 2 The latest RISC OS chat brought to you in glorious cut-n-paste-o-vision. Happy New Year Happy New Year from The Icon Bar! That's your lot for 2006, and we'd like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last year. Special credit goes to those who have written articles, given us abuse, and Richard Goodwin who makes this site happen. Merry Christmas! Well, it's that time of year again. By the time many of you read this Christmas will probably have been and gone, and the other three of you will be too busy stuffing yourselves, possibly with mince pies and the contents of the random bottle of something you found in the back of the cupboard, to notice what this posting says. The Vigay will never abandon RISC OS [Updated] The Paul Vigay has written an article on his website detailing why he will never abandon RISC OS... ever. It's Acorn, but not as we know them... Interesting news from our forums, a thread on csa.misc, El Reg and the various people who have emailed us today is that Acorn Computers appear to be exhibiting at the Computer Trade Show at the Birmingham NEC this week. RISC OS - 24 bits Now here's something you don't see every day: RISC OS on TV! Take a look at the screen capture linked on the right - what operating system do you see Edgar Stiles from 24 using? Perhaps he has an Iyonix hidden under his desk.